Park Features & Benefits


The Seamoon Industrial Park is located just over a mile from the town of Grenville, providing business owners with quick access to banking, utility, and retail services. The Park is accessible via public transportation and ideally situated within proximity to Grenada’s main farming communities. This makes the Park ideal for agri-business operations.

Supportive Ecosystem

A suburban experience, Seamoon Industrial Park brings together community and culture to stimulate business growth in the area. By virtue of the Park’s proximity to the town of Grenville and farmlands, you will be connected to many MSMEs and businesses. In other words, you will gain access to an extensive community network and information.

Freedom to do Business

A variety of trade agreements have been established between Grenada and several regional and international countries, granting business investors access to many lucrative markets.

Skilled Labour Workforce

When it comes to doing business in Grenada, location is a key factor for building the best team for your business. The Seamoon Industrial Park is ideally situated and easily accessible for the working population living in the parish of St. Andrew, so you can attract the skilled labour force needed for your business.

Modern Infrastructure

Tenants have access to all major utilities, with the electrical, water and sewerage, and telecommunications infrastructure running above and below ground to provide for easy provisioning.

The Park enjoys a steady supply of power throughout the year from GRENLEC, our national electricity provider, and potable water supplied by the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA). Tenants, however, have the option to further supplement these utilities with their own generators and water storage tanks.

Tenants of the Park have access to sound and reliable broadband connectivity provided by the country’s leading telecommunications companies FLOW and DIGICEL.

Secure Premises

The Seamoon Industrial Park is fully secured with round-the-clock security services. Secured, on-site parking is available for both visitors and tenants.

Amenities & Property Management

The Facilities Business Unit provides property management services with a dedicated Facilities Specialist available to assist tenants complemented by our online property management tenant portal. Through this portal, tenants can check their account information and submit and follow up on tickets/ requests. There is also a built-in community chat feature and the ability to send private messages to our Facilities team. Our separate online payment portal offers tenants a safe and convenient option for tenants to make payments.

Maintenance is a primary concern for the Facilities Business Unit; therefore, we have in place a strict yearly preventative maintenance schedule so we can ensure that our tenants and their customers are able to do business in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Prospective tenants are greeted with our warm customer service to help them with their application process, regulatory and registry matters, and provide a tour of available space for lease. Our team is here to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Quick Facts

The Seamoon Industrial Park is situated in the parish of St. Andrew and is close to the parish’s primary business hub with the port, wholesale and retail businesses, and the produce and spice market. Here are some other facts about our location:

1.6 miles from the city of Grenville located in St. Andrew

Highest concentration of farmed communities and export-ready products

Situated within 3.8 miles of primary health and emergency and protective service

Our Targeted Industries

The Park is ideally positioned to accommodate several business types that include, but are not limited to, ICT, agro-processing, warehousing, manufacturing, retail and office space. Tenants have access to modern factory shell space with infrastructure for provisioning of utilities and expansion.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Application Process
Jumpstart your business and apply for tenancy at our Seamoon Industrial Park

Document Checklists

  • Application form
  • Letter of interest
  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Business Name Registration
  • Notice of last registered address
  • Articles of Incorporation / Business Particulars
  • Company by-laws
  • Notice of Directors
  • A letter from a financial institution for good financial standing
  • Business Plan (New Business)
  • Proof of NIS and Inland Revenue Registration (New Business)/ Compliance letters (Existing Business)
  • Alien Landholder’s License (At least one (1) Director is Foreign)

Factory Shell Spaces

Our buildings can be repurposed to accommodate any size business to a maximum area square footage of 14,180. Rates per square foot vary and are revised each year. Current rates for the period are as follows:

Business Activity Rates
Manufacturing 1.20
Services 1.20
Warehousing 1.40
ICT 1.80
Office 1.80

Need more details? Kindly call us for more information on our rates
Additional VAT charges will apply | Lease Terms are for 5 years

Have a New or Existing Business?

Owning or starting a business takes a great level of commitment and drive, and it requires several key steps, including securing a space. We can help you with this step through our commercial lease space offerings.

For more information on business development services, visit our Business Development Website.

Position your business for success

Reasons to Stay & Invest

Whether you are considering starting a business or have already invested in one, you can qualify for a range of investment incentives.

Grenada has undergone a review of its incentives programs and has revised its Investment Incentive Framework to one that is streamlined, transparent, performance-based, and compliant with international laws and regulations.

Investors are free to operate in all fields of lawful economic activity at our park. CARICOM nationals and companies are accorded Rights of Establishment and can establish a business and import their managerial, supervisory, or technical staff.

Want to learn more about doing business in Grenada, visit our Investment Promotion Site.

Investment Advantages

Easy establishment of your business at our multifaceted facility

CBI and open investment climate

Government Incentives

Competitive cost base

Excellent quality of life

Access to global markets

Available workforce

Opportunities for growth

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