Park Features & Benefits


The St. Patrick’s Business Complex is conveniently located near to banking, utility, and retail services, and is accessible by public transportation.

Freedom to do Business

A variety of trade agreements have been established between Grenada and several regional and international countries, allowing business investors access to many lucrative markets.

Modern Infrastructure

This park is situated on well-maintained, landscaped grounds. Tenants have access to all major utilities, including 3 phase electricity, 50 cycles, 400 volts.

Electricals, utilities, sewage, and telecommunications infrastructure runs above and below ground, respectively, to supply each building with the infrastructure for easy provisioning. The park is served by main pipes maintained by Our National Sewage Authority on Island (NAWASA) and has a reliable and steady supply of fresh and treated water due to its proximity to lakes, NAWASA Dams, and other freshwater sources.

The Park is fed with electricity from our national electricity provider (GRENLEC) and enjoys a steady supply of power throughout the year. Tenants also have the option of supplementing their electricity supply with their own generator.

Secure Premises

The St. Patrick Business Complex is fully secured with round-the-clock security services. Secured, on-site parking is available for both visitors and tenants.

Amenities & Property Management

Providing business owners with the space, convenience, affordability, and flexibility they need to start or expand their business, our parks are more than a place to do business; our parks are a community.

Our online property management tenant portal allows for secure access to tenant information and billing. Tenants can create and follow facilities requests, and enhanced features offer built-in community chats and private messaging with our Facilities team. A separate online payment portal provides tenants with the convenient option of paying online.

Maintenance is a primary concern for the Facilities Business Unit; therefore, we have in place a strict yearly preventative maintenance schedule so we can ensure that our tenants and their customers can do business in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Prospective tenants are greeted with our warm customer service to help them with their application process, regulatory and registry matters, and provide a tour of available space for lease. Our team is here to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Quick Facts

The St. Patrick Business Complex is situated in the Parish of St. Patrick within proximity to essential businesses and services, with accommodation for office and retail businesses. Here are some other facts about our location:

0.4 miles from the neighboring town of Sauteurs

Proximity to future hotel and other development projects

Situated within a few miles of health, emergency and protective service

Our Targeted Industries

The Business Complex is ideally designed and positioned to accommodate several offices and retail businesses. Tenants have access to a modern concrete structure and gazebo with infrastructure for the provisioning of utilities.

Ready to Get Started?

Our Application Process
Jumpstart your business and apply for tenancy at our Business Complex

Document Checklists

  • Application form
  • Letter of interest
  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Business Name Registration
  • Notice of last registered address
  • Articles of Incorporation / Business Particulars
  • Company by-laws
  • Notice of Directors
  • A letter from a financial institution for good financial standing
  • Business Plan (New Business)
  • Proof of NIS and Inland Revenue Registration (New Business)/ Compliance letters (Existing Business)
  • Alien Landholder’s License (At least one (1) Director is Foreign)

Factory Shell Spaces

Our buildings can be repurposed to accommodate any size business to a maximum area of 720 sq. ft. Rates per square foot vary and are revised each year. Current rates for the period are as follows:

Business Activity Rates
Services 1.50
Office 1.80

Need more details? Kindly call us for more information on our rates
Additional VAT will apply | Lease Terms are for 5 years

Position your business for success

Have a New or Existing Business?

Are you a small business owner or looking to start your business? We understand the challenges of the business climate and the commitment and drive of an entrepreneur. We can help you get off the ground or stay afloat with our retail and office lease space offerings.

For more information on business development services, visit our Business Development Website.

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